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Automatic Adult Diaper Machine

Brand : Shunchang

Product origin : Fujian,China

Delivery time : On time delivery

Supply capacity : 60 production lines / year

Product Description
Automatic automatic diaper machine full servo control system, a high degree of automation, and according to the customer's reasonable requirements to upgrade. User interface using industrial computer, user-friendly design, ready to capture the operation of information.

Main Technical Data

Working Speed(Production speed)


Working Speed(Linear web speed)

Up to 150meters/minute

Power supply

380V 50HZ, Tri-phase

Installation power capacity


Air consumption


Qualified rate


Product width(min~max)


Product length(min~max)


Dimensions(L×W×H, Meters)

L: 25~33

W: 6~12

H: 3.5~4.5 

Technical features
1 Main raw material auto splicing at zero speed
2 Material broken and lost inspection, auto machine stop and defective products auto rejection
3 Low consumption, high efficiency
4 Servo or frequency inverter transmission
5 Touch screen for man-machine conversation
6 Auto record and calculation of process data
7 Compact design, easy operation&maintenance
8 Inverter or servo unwinding with tension control
9 Web guiding controller
10 Sensor quality control systems
11 Modular design, for future upgrading
12 Easy size changing and manufacture
13 CE approval

Basic process configuration: 
1 High speed pulverizer(untreated pulp is allowed)
2 Longitudinal folding unit
3 Fluff forming unitII
4 Air application unit
5 SAP dosing unitII
6 Raw material feeding units
7 Notch cutter Unit
8 Fluff forming unitI
9 Final cutter unit
10 Transverse folding unit
11 SAP dosing unitI
12 Safety protection unit 

Optional process configurations:
1 Aloe/perfume application unit
2 Gravimetric SAP dosing unit
3 Full servo auto stacker
4 Camera quality detection unit

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